An Exclusive Offer for CMT Association Members

With the continued growth of our membership, we are occasionally privy to exclusive promotions and discount offers we can extend to our members.  We are excited to let you know that one of our partners, EidoSearch, has provided CMT Association members with a discount offer of 25% off their subscription rate for the first year, for any new subscribers signing up by December 31st. As a brief overview, EidoSearch utilizes powerful information processing algorithms to identify emerging patterns in stocks, currencies, futures and global macro indicators, and projects forward outcomes based on similar, historical occurrences of investor behavior.  They are solving the challenging problem of how to make analyzing and interacting with large amounts of time series data simple, and to help their clients manage risk, verify ideas and to generate new ones. You may be familiar with Eidosearch from their participation at the Annual Symposium.  Here’s a quote from a panel member at the 2012 Annual Symposium: “EidoSearch bridges the divide between classical charting principles and statistical inference.  This combination of subjective and objective technical analysis is an evolution for the industry and is a powerful tool for the modern technician.”  Jamie Saettele, Senior Technical Strategist, Daily FX If you’re interested in taking advantage of this exclusive offer for CMT Association Members, or you’d simply like to learn more about their powerful tool for Market Technicians, please contact them at