Charles H. Dow Award

In 1994 the CMT Association established the Charles H. Dow award to highlight outstanding research in technical analysis. The Award has received over 160 submissions, and recognized 23 papers for their excellence. Of the more than two dozen authors/coauthors who have won, eight have gone on to publish books based on their submissions to the Charles H. Dow Award. Winners have presented at the CMT Association’s Annual Symposium, local chapter meetings, and participated in CMT Association podcasts and/or educational web-series. The Award carries a prize of $5,000 and is presented at the CMT Association’s Annual Symposium held in New York City each April.

The competition is open to all practitioners and academics. The submission will be judged based on its ability to enhance the understanding of market action, the concepts of technical analysis, and thorough research. Additional information on the Standards of Judgment, included within the Guidelines for Submissions.

For more information on the Charles H. Dow Award, please contact

Submissions for the 2022 Dow Award will open on September 7, 2021 and remain open until December 7; however, we accept research for publication in the Journal of Technical Analysis on a rolling basis year-round.

Past Award Winners