Service Award

The Service Award, established in 2005, recognizes volunteers and staff that drive the advancement of technical analysis. The award is given to a true champion of the CMT Association that works to expand the association’s local and global presence while maintaining the professional standards of the organization. Previous winners include Charles Kirkpatrick, CMT and Jeffery E. Lay, MBA, CMT.

For more information on the Annual Awards Program or questions regarding submissions, contact Phil Roth, CMT at

Past Award Winners

2018 – Phil Roth, CMT

2017 – George A. Schade, Jr., CMT

2016 – Ron Meisels

2015 – Brad Herndon

2014 – Jefferey E. Lay

2013 – Michael J. Carr

2012 – Marie Penza

2007 – Charles Kirkpatrick

2007 – Ed Dobson

2007 – Ron Insana

2006 – Mike Epstein

2006 – Shelley Lebeck

2005 – Tim Snavely, David Upshaw, & Barry Sine