Volunteer Committees

To participate in a volunteer committee, please complete a short application here:

Volunteer Committee Participation Application

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee reviews all CMT Association applications for full member status. This includes reviewing all documentation and examples of work submitted, as well as reviewing the required 3 sponsor questionnaires and resolving any outstanding issues that arise during the application process. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for acceptance or rejection.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee works independently from the Finance Committee to assist the board in its oversight responsibility relating to:
  1. The accounting and financial reporting (including Form 990 tax filing) of the Association, including the integrity of Association’s financial statements
  2. The Association’s financial internal and external controls
  3. The Association’s compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  4. The independent auditor’s qualifications, independence, and performance



Annual Awards Committee


CMT Curriculum and Test Committee

The CMT Curriculum and Test Committee (CTC) is tasked with reviewing the development of the CMT curriculum, from aggregation to publication, and reviewing the contents of the exams. The CTC also coordinates the exam scoring process after every exam cycle.
  • Committee Chair – Tom Schneider, CMT
  • Board Liaison – TBD
  • Staff Liaison – Stanley Dash, CMT


  • Ruedi Göldi, CMT
  • David Keller, CMT
  • Fabien Ouellette, CMT, CFTe, CIM, FCSI
  • Keith Dubauskas, CMT

Dow Award Committee

The Dow Award Committee reviews all final Dow Award submissions, which includes assessing all submissions to determine their ability to enhance the understanding of market action and the concepts of technical analysis. The committee also assesses the overall quality of the research to make a recommendation of finalists to the Board of Directors.


  • Anindya Banerjee, CMT
  • Eric Conrads, CMT
  • Michael Moody, CMT
  • Robert Fulks
  • Sandra Stoutenburg, CMT
  • Vipul Ramaiya, CMT

Ethics & Standards Committee

The Ethics and Standards Committee investigates complaints related to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, misuse of the CMT marks, and other similar matters, filed in accordance with the CMT Association Constitution and By-laws. The Committee also performs periodic reviews of Personal Conduct Statements filed by members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works closely with the Executive Director and is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the Association performed by the Association staff, advising the board on important issues regarding the current and future state of the Association’s financial condition, and assisting the board in ensuring the Association is in good fiscal health.


Global Development Committee

The Global Development Committee works with local chapters and members to identify and develop areas for new market and chapter growth, as well as working to engage local volunteers in high target areas.

Governance Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Governance Committee are to identify, recruit, and nominate persons to serve as members and officers of the board, and to provide development opportunities for board membership. Identification of well-qualified candidates will result from a carefully planned process designed to obtain influential, knowledgeable, and representative leadership from the organization.

Journal of Technical Analysis Committee

The Journal Committee publishes an annual journal for the CMT Association membership containing in-depth research articles and papers on technical subjects, submitted by the membership and others in the academic and analytical community.

  • Committee Chair – Sergio Santamaria, CFA, CMT
  • Board Liaison – TBD
  • Staff Liaison – Alvin Kressler


  • Bruce Greig, CMT
  • Ryan Hysmith, CMT 
  • Jerome F. Hartl, CMT
  • Christopher S. Kayser, CMT
  • Paul Wankmueller, CMT
  • Eric Grasinger, CMT
  • Matthew Maxwell

Seminar Committee

The Seminar Committee puts together the CMT Association Annual Symposium held in New York every spring. The symposium is devoted to exploring emerging techniques in the field of technical analysis as well as re-examining changing points of view on more classic styles.