Bill Stone, CMT, Featured In WSJ, Talks Up Emerging Markets

Bill Stone, CMT, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Avalon Advisors, LLC, was featured in the Wall Street Journal late Sunday with a practical perspective on investing in foreign stock markets, particularly in Asia. 

"We are overweight Japan," he told reporter Dan Weil. "[Japan] has high-quality companies holding lots of cash, and corporate governance has improved."

While Japan’s economic growth is slow, export-focused Japanese companies can benefit from a stronger economic expansion elsewhere in the world, Stone said. 

"The best long-term investment prospects lie in emerging markets, thanks to their strong economic growth," added Weil, though "emerging markets, excluding their rally in 2017, have suffered in recent years amid weak commodity prices, slowing growth in China and tightening U.S. monetary policy," as illustrated by the chart above.

Still, says Stone, "stocks are significantly cheaper in other parts of the world."

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