Brandon Wendell, CMT, Tracks Buy-And-Hold Effectiveness On TradingAcademy

Brandon Wendell, CMT, was featured on TradingAcademy's blog last week with a discussion of the long-term effectiveness of "buy and hold" as a strategy.

"[W]e are likely to return to a market environment filled with large price swings both up and down," writes Wendell. "While this is great for the active investor who times the tops and bottoms, it is disastrous for the buy and hold investor."

"So, the evidence is pointing toward a future market environment that does not work well for buy and hold but rather benefits from an active investment approach. This type of market requires more attention and education in order to spot and take advantage of the market swings. Those who choose to ignore these moves, could have zero or negative returns for the foreseeable future," Wendell adds.

Read his whole post, including several illustration charts, here: Is Buy and Hold Dead?