Calling all authors and book collectors

The CMT Association Educational Foundation has unique opportunity to raise the visibility of technical analysis and the CMT Association/CMT AssociationEF Library at Baruch. Baruch college has a special relationship with the CMT Association not only being in the forefront of schools teaching technical analysis since 1998 and the home of the Library, but many members may not know they gave us a place to meet after 9-11. You also may not know that Baruch graduates more finance majors than another school in the U.S. and has the most diverse study body. Now the Newman Library at Baruch has offered to put on a display in its main reading room titled: Technical Analysis: A global language Over 100 students per semester study technical analysis at Baruch and many more use their trading room, but now a bigger audience at Baruch could be exposed to the subject in their native language. How can you help? If you have a book on technical analysis written in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, etc. and you would like to donate it to the CMT Association/CMT AssociationEF Library please send it to the CMT Association office in New York. Have questions? Please contact me at Bruce Kamich, CMT CMT AssociationEF President