Dear fellow MTA members and affiliates,

In the past few years there has been an increasing interest in technical analysis in Chile. The absence of a local professional association, the lack of formal local education in this subject and the need of the financial industry for a market analysis certification have raised local interest in the MTA and the necessity of a Chilean Chapter emerged.

Thus, we are very glad to announce the formation of the Chilean Chapter of the MTA.

Our Chapter efforts will be focused on:

  1. Developing our Professional Networks, and
  2. Expand technical and trading knowledge

To achieve those goals we will work on several initiatives such as the following:

  1. Promote MTA and CMT in local financial and news by participating in those media.
  2. Promote CMT among financial employers so they include it as desired requirement for job applicants.
  3. We are going to hold Monthly Meetings that become the source of trading and market knowledge.
  4. Holding extracurricular activities that allow us to meet fellow technicians do business; find employment opportunities in a more informal environment.

In the longer run, we hope to be able to reach for partnerships with the most important academic and financial institutions in Chile, all which will be of mutual benefit for our members and the industry.

The contribution of all our members and affiliates is fundamental to help us achieve all these goals.

I hope to count you in and to hear from you soon.

Kindest regards,

Oscar Salas Fernandez
Chair, MTA Chilean Chapter

Participation in all Chile Chapter Meetings qualifies you for 3 MTA Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

Chapter Chairs

Oscar Salas Fernandez

Oscar Salas Fernandez is a Chilean economist, Head of Trading & Sales Support and Reporting for Banco Santander, group where he has worked all his life. Oscar has been working in Chilean

financial markets since 1994, when he began his carreer as a Credit Analyst in Banco Osorno, later merged with Banco Santander. In 1995 he started studying Technical Analysis and turned int