CMT Level I

April 2018 Administration

The CMT Level I Exam focuses on the basic knowledge of the terminology and analytical tools used in technical analysis.

This exam will be held between April 9-14, 2018

Registration Dates

Standard Registration Begins: January 15 – March 11

Registration Deadline: March 12 – March 31

Registration Dates

Standard Registration: $375

Late Registration: $575

Additional Fees

Annual Membership: $325

CMT Program: $250

Insurance for Level I: $100

Curriculum: $225+

Breakdown for the
CMT Level I Exam

Learning Objectives

For 2018 the learning objectives for all three levels have been incorporated into the text at the beginning of each chapter. Using the e-book to match the learning objectives to the content creates a valuable study tool for candidates looking to efficiently navigate the curriculum.

For those interested in reviewing the learning objectives before purchasing the 2018 curriculum, you can do so here:

Code of Ethics

All three levels of the CMT Program include questions pertaining to the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards). All references to “members and candidates” should be read to apply to CMT Association members. Articles I – VI of the Standards apply in whole to CMT Association members and our CMT Program. Article VII is not included by the CMT when setting standards by which our membership must abide nor is it included on the CMT exams. In addition, CMT Association members must not engage in any conduct that compromises the reputation or integrity of the CMT Association or the CMT designation or the integrity, validity, or security of the CMT examinations.

When preparing for the CMT exams, candidates may also review the Standards of Practice Handbook. According to the CFA Institute “The Standards of Practice Handbook grounds the concepts covered in the Code and Standards for practical use. You can use this handbook for guidance on how to navigate ethical dilemmas you might face in your daily professional life.” It is not required that CMT candidates review the Handbook, though it might provide a more comprehensive study process.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

Standard of Practice Handbook

Curriculum Overview
and Preparation

Candidates can get a more complete description of the exams and a breakdown of topics by listening to the 2018 information video. This video presentation, conducted by Gordon Scott, CMT, the Managing Director of the CMT Program, provides explanations and study suggestions for all candidates.

An Overview of Studying for the CMT exam

There are also a number of video presentations done by authors and experts featured within the CMT curriculum readings. You can find a list of these helpful presentations here.

CMT 2018 Level I

Here’s a sneak peak of the CMT Level I Curriculum index. The index groups authors, topics, and definitions along with the page numbers to give candidates an idea of what the curriculum covers and where it is located.

Sample Exams

The CMT Association has developed the following sample exams aligned with a typical weighting of questions and topics of the live exams. The sample exams are presented as individual questions with answers to the questions and references to where the topic can be studied in the curriculum. These exams are intended to help solidify preparations for taking the live exams.

Candidates can access an extensive library of sample exam questions and data by purchasing a study aid package from Wiley.

Candidates can view a sample exam using the link below.

FREE Access to
Charting Software

The objective of the CMT Program is not only to provide candidates with resources needed to learn the theory and discipline of technical analysis, but also the practical implementation of the toolkit. Therefore, we partnered with Optuma Financial Solutions (formally Market Analyst Software) to give registered candidates a platform to experience the functional application of technical analysis. Optuma will provide specially designed software, at no cost for registered candidates, from their date of registration until the exam date and renew their free access with each subsequent exam registration.

Why are we partnering with Optuma?

We examined many products as part of this selection process, and it was clear that Optuma is the best fit for our CMT candidates for three main reasons:

1 Optuma continues to innovate in ways that help the industry and its practitioners. They strive to create the best solutions for technical and quantitative analysts.
2 The CEO, and other senior staff, are CMT charterholders. They understand what we need in our tools and offer knowledgeable support to CMT candidates.
3 The discipline of technical analysis requires each of us to communicate graphical information into investment ideas with clients and peers. Optuma has impeccable graphics and data visualization tools and that is why we are using them in the CMT exams. This is an incredible opportunity for you to put all the theory into practice on a platform that is used by professional analysts around the world and also is the software that we use in preparing the CMT exams.

Interested users can reach Optuma support with questions by clicking here.