CMT Association Mourns Loss Of Former CMT Association President Paul Desmond

(NEW YORK) -- The CMT Association recently received the sad news that former CMT Association president and award-winning contributor Paul Desmond passed away. Paul’s 54-year career in technical analysis was unmatched, and he will be dearly missed by CMT charterholders and staff.

Paul served as president of the CMT Association from 1997 to 1999, but the knowledge and expertise he lent to the organization throughout its critical stages of development went far beyond his presidential role. He mentored budding technical analysts throughout his career, leaving a lasting impression on many who later rose to prominence within their areas of specialization.

In 2002, Paul won the prestigious Charles H. Dow Award for his research on pinpointing bear market bottoms. As a pioneer within the discipline of technical research, Paul’s work directly shaped the modern understanding of the very subject matter that defines the CMT Association.

“His market expertise served to illuminate a path to success for countless financial professionals,” said CMT Association Executive Director Alvin Kressler. “Paul remains a celebrated figure within the discipline of technical analysis. We’re honored to have worked with him for so long.”

Paul served as the President of Lowry Research Corporation, the oldest continuously published technical advisory firm in the nation, until his passing on October 1, 2018. His full obituary, as well as memories from his family and friends in the finance industry, can be found at his Dignity Memorial page. A more complete career history, as well as links to some of his work, can be found on his CMT Association page.