CMT Association Partners with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation to Advance the Discipline of Technical Analysis

MARCH 9, 2022 – CMT Association is proud to announce its new partnership with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) through the School of Accounting & Finance and School of Mathematics, Actuarial & Quantitative Studies.

Selection for the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program signifies a strong commitment to students’ career readiness and applied learning. Institutions in the Academic Partner Program demonstrate academic rigour in financial courses ranging from quantitative methodologies to behavioural finance, as well as portfolio management, trade risk, and other key aspects of technical analysis.

This partnership aims to meet the growing demand for student career preparedness while advocating for the advancement of technical analysis.

Brett Villaume, President of the CMT Association said, “I am thrilled that the CMT Association has partnered with APU, a leading institution of higher learning in the Asia-Pacific Region, and that Laurensia will be interning with us this summer. By enabling students and their professors to learn the value of technical analysis, we help to ensure future generations of investment management professionals are more successful, rewarding them in their careers as well as benefiting society at large.”

Technical analysis, which is a crucial part of investment and trading decisions, has evolved over hundreds of years. While modern technical analysis retains its roots in classical observations of market behaviour, it extends beyond pattern recognition to employ groundbreaking quantitative methodologies and rules-based trading-system design and testing.

APU Head of the School of Finance, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajasegeran Ramasamy believes that technical analysis is one of the critical skills required by the investment industry.

“CMT Association is the leading programme provider for credentialing in technical analysis, and the inclusion of APU’s Banking and Finance degree programme in the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Programme demonstrates that APU’s Banking and Finance degree is preparing students toward a global standard.

“The collaboration is consistent with the University’s goal of developing students’ ability to use rules-based trading algorithms and quantitative methods in investment valuation,” he said.

Explaining further on this new partnership, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajasegeran said, “CMT Association’s Academic Programme will also enable students to learn the best investment analytical skills from industry experts around the world, broadening their employment opportunities in the financial services sector.”

Since the CMT Program emphasizes data visualization, risk management, and intermarket analysis, this new partnership will benefit APU students in analysing market trends, according to Laurensia Clara Himawan, a student from Jakarta, Indonesia who is enrolled in the APU  Bachelor Degree programme in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialisation in FinTech.

Laurensia will begin her remote internship with the CMT Association (headquartered in lower Manhattan) in early April and believes that this opportunity will improve her learning and career readiness.

“I believe this programme will add value to existing APU programmes because the investment landscape has changed dramatically, and the CMT credential connotes mastery of technical analysis knowledge.

“Do not hesitate to participate in this programme because it is quite beneficial. Even for students who are new to investing and trading, they may begin to learn through this programme,” she concluded.


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