Continuing Education

In January 2011, the CMT Association launched a voluntary Continuing Education (CE) Program. The purpose of this program is to encourage professionals to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on new developments in the field of Technical Analysis. Since its inauguration, the CE Program has been a great success, with over 60% of the active membership participating in some capacity.

Members and affiliates who participate in the voluntary CE Program are asked to satisfy a 15 credit level before the end of the calendar year. Those who accomplish this achievement receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the year to display in their home or office.

CMT Association CE credits can be acquired through all of the CMT Association’s existing member services (chapter meetings, regional seminars, webcasts, podcasts, etc.) and through approved non-CMT Association events.

Continuing Education Credit Distribution

  • Attending the CMT Association Symposium – 15 credits
  • Publishing your research paper in the Journal of Technical Analysis7 CE Credits
  • Attending a Chapter Meeting – 3 credits
  • Publishing an article in Technically Speaking3 credits
  • Ethics Refresher Video – 3 credits
  • Attending a live webcast – 2 credits
  • Watching an archived webcast/video – 1 credit
  • Reading a book on Technical Analysis – 1 credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates of the Spring 2017 CMT administration?

The CMT Level I & Level II exams will be administered Oct 19 – 21, 2017
Registration for Level I & II will close on Aug 18, 2017
The CMT Level III exam will be administered Oct 19, 2017
Registration and scheduling at Prometric for Level III will close on Aug 18, 2017

Q: Why create a voluntary CE Program?

Engaging in lifelong learning demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and dedication to serving both clients and employers. The CE Program was designed to provide a formal and credible means of recognizing our members’ commitment to always be familiar with new developments in today’s fast paced, changing market. The program is voluntary and open to all CMT Association members who are in good standing.

To succeed in a highly competitive and ever-changing investment industry, investment professionals must be committed to furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Recognizing this need for a lifelong commitment to learning, the CMT Association created the voluntary CE Program as a tracking framework for our members.

A top priority of the CE Program is to demonstrate our trust in our members’ inherent ability to engage in educational activities that are individually appropriate, relevant, and valuable. This focus reflects our faith in a membership whose active engagement in continuing education activities far exceeds the requirements typical for most mandatory programs and speaks to the overall integrity of the CMT as the “gold standard” in technical analysis.

Q: What is the incentive for members to participate in the CE Program?

Participation in a voluntary continuing education program shows your employer that you are committed to staying at the leading edge of a rapidly changing industry serving both clients, colleagues and the larger institution. The pursuit of continuing education is a powerful tool for individual professional development and career advancement.

You can easily add to your resume: “Satisfied the CMT Association Continuing Education Level for 2011, 2012, etc.” Finally, you dictate the time place of your involvement, giving you the ability to engage in educational activities that are individually appropriate, relevant, and valuable.

Q: What is the process to approve other activities for CE credits not currently recognized?

The CMT Association will consider other technical analysis events/materials for CE credit that aspire to meet our high standards in providing relevant educational products for our broad membership. Please write to the CMT Association describing the nature of the event/materials and the approximate time commitment of the activity. Within 72 hours the CMT Association staff will respond to the request. Approved events/materials will be added to central listing of CE credits.

Q: My membership renewal is aligned to the anniversary of my join date not on a calendar basis. How will credits be reported?

CE credits are tracked during the calendar year and will be reported on a 12 month basis ending in December. If you join the CMT Association in the middle of the year, we ask that you do your best to reach the voluntary 15 CE credit level for that calendar year. Each subsequent year your CE credit level will reflect a full calendar year.

Q: Will I incur additional costs to participate in the CE Program?

CE credits have been carefully assigned so that members can easily complete the voluntary 15 CE credit level without the expenditure of any additional funds. In fact, the vast majority of our available CE credits are appointed for participation in our member services, which are free to all members.

Q: Has the CMT Association approached regulatory bodies about the new CE Program?

The CMT Association actively pursues advocacy initiatives on behalf of our members. If you are aware of an opportunity to increase the recognition or value of the CMT charter, please contact us so that we can take appropriate action.

The CE Program benefits CMT Association members as a tracking framework for their continued professional development. From an external perspective, we believe the CE program provides further evidence of our members’ commitment to lifelong learning and an ever-expanding body of knowledge.

Q: Will the CMT Association allow other associations to register their events so that they will qualify as CMT Association CE credits as well? Will the CMT Association apply to have their events count towards CE credits at other associations?

The CMT Association encourages other associations to apply to have their events count for CMT Association CE credits. We have a succinct application process on our website for aspiring associations to apply for inclusion in the CE Program.

The CMT Association will continue to register our events with other associations for their CE credits. This activity is ongoing. CMT Association regional seminars were recently approved for CFP Continuing Education credits. The decision to approve CMT Association events, of course, lies with the other association.