CNN Taps JJ Kinahan, CMT, For Comment On Volatile Tech Stock Performance

JJ Kinahan, CMT, Chief Market Strategist at TD Ameritrade, was tapped for his market commentary on Friday by CNN's Matt Egan, as Egan discussed this week's tech stock performance in light of recent market behavior. 

In particular, Egan noted that Google and Amazon, part of the group of tech stocks colloquially known as FANG, had failed to deliver on broader investor expectations this past week. 

"They've been the momentum stocks," Kinahan is quoted as saying. "If they go down, they drag the market with them."

On his blog Friday, Kinahan noted that while the market may feel particularly volatile right now, "it's worth noting that such periods aren't too uncommon," according to the chart of historical volatility levels featured above. 

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