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The Educational Web Series is a one hour online lecture that covers an aspect of active investment management. With the CMT Association mission focused on advancing the discipline of technical analysis, we tend to feature presentations which focus on rules-based strategies, intermarket relationships and macro analysis, volatility, and approaches to managing market risk.

All presentations are focused on educational, not commercial content. The entire webcast runs for approximately one hour, with the presentation typically lasting for 45-50 minutes and the remaining 10-15 minutes reserved for a live Q&A session. In the past the CMT Association has hosted world-renowned investment professionals such as Martin Pring, Ned Davis, Dennis Gartman, Thomas Dorsey, Charles Kirkpatrick, CMT, and Ralph Acampora, CMT.

Upcoming Webcast Schedule

Webcast: “Some things we learned about Relative Rotation Graphs ®” with Julius de Kempenaer
Jun 27 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Short intro to RRGs for those who are not familiar yet or need a refresher followed by some things that we learned on RRG behavior and interpretation since their introduction.

Julius de Kempenaer is a technical analyst at Stockcharts.com & Director RRG Research.

Webcast: “The Evolution of Security Analysis” with Andrew J. Sherbo, Ph.D., CFP
Jul 11 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Webcast: “Trading Failed Chart Patterns and their Analysis” with Suri Duddella
Jul 18 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Chart patterns present great opportunities when a classic price pattern doesn’t perform or stick to its known traditional trading rules. Suri will discuss how chart patterns form, fail and reform and how to trade their failures using specified rules. Suri will also, discuss chart patterns success and failure ratios and analysis.

Webcast: “Technical Analysis and The Forex Markets” with Joe Perry
Aug 15 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

In this presentation, we will look at the foreign exchange markets using various disciplines of technical analysis, including candlesticks, basic technical analysis, Harmonics, and Elliott Wave.  We will also look at how macroeconomics and correlations to commodities, fixed income, and equity indices can be used to determine possible price movement of currency pairs.

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Journal of Technical

The mission of the Journal of Technical Analysis (JOTA) is to advance the knowledge and understanding of technical analysis through the publication of well-crafted, high-quality research in all areas of technical analysis. Our success depends upon the time, energy and commitment of authors and researchers who expand our understanding of the market and fuel innovation and new applications of our discipline. Now in its 67th issue over 35 years, the JOTA is the premier peer-reviewed publication for technical analysts.

Features of the Journal include:

  • Research articles accessible by, and of special interest to, practitioners
  • Survey and synthesis articles that provide an understanding of the current state of practice in a particular area
  • Clinical/case studies of high interest and benefit to the profession
  • Tutorials of interest to both academics and practitioners
  • Practitioner surveys
  • Reviews of business/finance books of interest to practitioners

Published by the Chartered Market Technicians Association (CMT Association), the JOTA is designed to reflect the professional interests of the global membership of the CMT Association. Papers submitted for consideration are subjected to a double-blind review process by at least two experts who provide feedback regarding the accuracy of the work producing objective and unbiased peer reviews.

If you have any questions about the JOTA, are considering submitting an article for a future issue, or would like to serve as a reviewer, please contact Journal@mta.org

Journal of Technical Analysis

Past Issues

Technically Speaking

Technically Speaking magazine is a monthly periodical distributed to the MTA membership in digital format. Technically Speaking highlights a variety of topics in market analysis, asset management, and trading. The magazine features articles, techniques and research written by members of the MTA and wider financial community, book reviews, and

interviews with recognized industry professionals. Technically Speaking actively sources new material to highlight each month. If you are interested in submitting your work, please email editor@cmtassociation.org

Technically Speaking Magazine

Past Issues

The Technical Analysis
Educational Foundation
Library at Baruch College

The TAEF library is located at the Newman Library in Baruch College, located at 151 E. 25th Street, New York City, NY 10010.The collection of more than 7,000 books and growing is listed below, arranged alphabetically by author. The library also contains the cycle library, given to us by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

An item published prior to 1930, advisory letters, journals, newspapers, pictures, sound recordings, and unbound books may not be borrowed from the library. A publication may not be eligible for borrowing depending on its replacement value and uniqueness. Special requests may be considered.

The library is open to all CMT Association members, as well as students and faculty of Baruch College, all CUNY students and faculty, and students and faculty of all University Interlibrary members.

How do I access the TAEF Collection?


Go to the Baruch Library website:


  1. Go to Library Home Page
  2. Choose “Books (Print)” and click “Advanced Search”
  3. Select “Command Search” and use WCL – Library Code:
    WCL = MTA


The TAEF collection is housed separately from the rest of the Newman collection and secured, so an appointment is needed to browse the collection. An appointment can be made by contacting the Interlibrary Loan office at illbb@baruch.cuny.edu, in advance.

The library hours can be found at:

However, it is best to arrange a visit during normal business hours, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday as Baruch Security has to be notified and a staff member is required for physical access to the library.

How do I borrow a book?

Books may be borrowed for six weeks by members, with one renewal, by notifying the CMT Association office, which will make the arrangements with Baruch. Shipping costs outside the US are very high and it is most likely more cost effective for you to obtain the book directly from a local bookstore, Amazon or a local library.

An item published prior to 1930, advisory letters, journals, newspapers, pictures, sound recordings, and unbound books may not be borrowed from the library.  A publication may not be eligible for borrowing depending on its replacement value and uniqueness. Special requests may be considered.

The books will be shipped by UPS, members are expected to pay for shipping.  Contact the CMT Association office at 646-652-3300 with any questions.

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