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Becoming a Candidate

Even for those experienced in charting the markets, the CMT Program offers proven tools to successfully navigate the gap between price and value and make your career set sail. Whether you dive headfirst into the CMT Level I Exam curriculum, or choose to become an Affiliate member to explore the CMT Association’s networking options and industry connections first, you must enroll as a Candidate in order to register to take the exam. 

Affiliate Candidates are eligible for member pricing on all exams.

Become an Affiliate

Enroll in the CMT Program

Create an account on the CMT Association website. 


Register for Your Exam

During the enrollment process, you will register for the CMT Level I Exam with the CMT Association.


Study and Prepare

Purchase the updated CMT Level I Curriculum and develop a self-study plan encompassing the curriculum’s content.


Schedule Your Exam with Prometric

Contact the Prometric Testing Center in your area to schedule a final date and time for your exam during the testing window.

CFA Charterholders

Candidates who are active CFA Charterholders may opt to begin testing at CMT Level II. 

How Does This Align With The
CFA Program?

The CMT Association recognizes a CFA Charterholder’s knowledge of financial markets, securities and economics. The CMT Program and charter are an opportunity to add a complementary toolset to your investing and portfolio management process – specifically, how price behavior in freely traded markets interacts with the forces driving valuation. Competency and specialization in the analysis of market price action equip dual Charterholders with a competitive edge and differentiated value to their clients and firms. CFA Charterholders find that technical analysis adds an additional dimension to their work, particularly in the areas of timing and risk management.

What You Gain


1 Stacking the CMT designation after successfully obtaining a CFA charter delivers important specialization and differentiation to professionals and to their firms.
2 The CMT Program will allow CFA Charterholders to expand on their already deep knowledge and fill gaps that will better prepare them for the future in technical analysis.
3 CFA Charterholders will avoid having to “repeat” various topics previously mastered.