2023 Symposium Video Archives Replay


Sep 01 2023

*Available for a limited time only. 

symposium on devices

Learn from 45+ legends of technical analysis…

30+ Hours & 50 Speakers – An Unbelievable Value

This year’s Symposium was an incredible experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. Check out the full Symposium agenda for more information on the sessions…

Here’s what our attendees had to say…

Time-Sensitive Analysis

Want to know what some of the world’s greatest market technicians believe is coming? Watch their assessments of current market conditions, and predictions of what’s to come…but it’s time-sensitive, and you’ll want to know how to act on it sooner rather than later!

symposium on devices

Access To All Session Recordings

The 50th Anniversary CMT Symposium had one of the most incredible speaker lineups seen in this industry. We recorded every minute of their presentations, and you’ll get instant access to the archives. Watch the sessions from the convenience of your home or office, using your mobile device or computer.

symposium on devices

Panels and Interactive Sessions

Panels and interactive sessions where the audience was polled about relevant topics in realtime. The speakers offered insight and research from their decades of real-world, applied experience – most of which you won’t find anywhere else!

Here’s one example from the first day of the Symposium.

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