New York Chapter Meeting featuring Sam Stovall, CFP

October 22, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
WeWork Offices
25 Broadway
10th Floor Lounge

The New York Chapter of the CMT Association invites you to our next chapter meeting on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. We are pleased to have Sam Stovall as our guest speaker.

We encourage you to bring clients and colleagues interested in technical analysis and the markets to this presentation. We hope to see you there!

Dan Russo, CMT
Michael Sroga, CMT
Alan Lax, CMT
Jay Woods, CMT
Tom Bruni, CMT
New York Chapter Chairs


Sam Stovall, CFP
Chief Investment Strategist
CFRA Research

The Rules Rule!  (Rules-Based ETF Rotation Strategies that Beat the Market)
Emotions are an investor’s worst enemy, causing them to buy at the top, sell at the bottom, and play “whack a mole” in between. However, history shows that by embracing a rules-based investment approach, one can extract their emotions from the investment process, improve performance, and reduce volatility.

Sam Stovall will discuss market-beating sector-rotation strategies that leverage seasonality, momentum and correlation. For instance, “Sell in May and Go Away” is more than an old Wall Street axiom that reminds investors of summertime softness. It also shows that rotating among sectors, rather than retreating from stocks entirely, would have beaten the market by more than 500 basis points per year. Come hear Sam talk about whether investors should “let their winners ride” by investing in last year’s top performing S&P 500 sub-industries or “buy low and sell high” by constructing a portfolio of last year’s worst performing groups. Finally, he will show us that pairing tech – the best performing sector over the past 20 years – with a less volatile group not only substantially reduced volatility but also improved results.

You must register before 2:00PM on 10/22/2019 to get through Security in the Lobby.
Free to members and non-members.


Sam Stovall, CFP - 2022

Sam Stovall, CFP

As Chief Investment Strategist, Sam Stovall serves as analyst, publisher and communicator of CFRA’s outlooks for the economy, market, and sectors.  He is the Chairman of the CFRA Investment Policy Committee, where he focuses on market history and valuations, as well as...