Reuters Virtual Investment Summit

December 3, 2020 – December 4, 2020 all-day

The CMT Association invites you to the Reuters Virtual Investment Summit on December 3 & 4th. The world has just been through an unprecedented economic paralysis. Stock market optimism is masking the fact that we are only at the beginning of the crisis created by COVID-19. With IMF projections recently noting that the global economy will regress by almost 5% in 2020, it is clear that the impact of the coronavirus on investors has yet to be fully apparent. Even the most dire economic projections may not fully account for the depth of the recession we are facing.

Investment has Evolved. Will You?

Join the world’s most senior investment community presenting four key themes.

Market Drivers and Outlook:
Learn how macroeconomics, geopolitics, China and market volatility have impacted investment outlook and how you can prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Asset Management Strategies:
Go beyond data and learn the methodologies employed by the most successful managers to enhance their understanding of the market and extract financial rewards. Learn about the risks associated with different investment techniques as investors keep adapting to this increasingly volatile environment.

Leadership in a New Reality:
A close look at how institutional investors and asset owners are driving change on a global scale through leadership.

Industry Specific Discussions:
Dive deep into hot-topic investment opportunities in Technology, Biotech, Energy and beyond.

This 2-day summit, strategically designed for Chief Investment Officers and anchored by Reuters News led sessions, will evaluate the investment community’s response to the current crisis by bringing industry leaders together to set the agenda for the year ahead. With a diverse range of international voices in attendance, join us for this exclusive end of year meeting as the world comes to terms with the events of 2020.

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