Webcast: “How to Spot Major Trend Reversals with Elliott Waves and Socionomics: Examples from Asia’s Ongoing Secular Bull Market” with Mark Galasiewski

August 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Elliott Wave International’s Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-skee) shows you how he has used the timing of headline news events such as terrorist attacks, political scandals and even epidemic disease outbreaks to support his bullish forecasts for Asian stock markets. Using real-time examples published in EWI’s monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast, Mark will reveal how Asia and emerging markets offer an extraordinary laboratory for observing social events through the lens of socionomics, Robert Precthter’s theory of financial and social causality. You will learn principles that you can apply to any major stock market index in the world, and you will come away better equipped to capitalize on the counterintuitive relationship between social mood, markets and news.


Mark Galasiewski

Mark Galasiewski

Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-skee) began his analytical career in May 2001 at an institutional brokerage in Stamford, Connecticut, researching fundamentals for a broker who specialized in short-sell recommendations. After joining Elliott Wave International (EWI) in 2005, Mark