Part I: Personal Contact and Employment Information


Part II: Financial Markets and Technical Analysis Experience


Part III: New Chapter Information


Part IV: MTA Chapter Ethics, Personal Ethics, and Conflicts of Interest Policies

  • The Market Technicians Association seeks to grow the exchange and ethical utilization of technical market analysis among financial market professionals while communicating to the public the value of technical market research as a securities analysis framework and an investment discipline.
  • The MTA does not endorse, and is not affiliated with, any vendors, services, or products. This principle is critical to the MTA’s independence, objectivity, and continued ethical interaction with financial market professionals and the public alike.

    As a reminder, MTA Chapter Chairpersons/Officers (hereafter “Officers”) are not permitted to use MTA activities, properties, member/affiliate information, or MTA-related mailing lists for the purpose of selling any services or products for which Officers receive compensation.

    Officers with compensatory vendor, brokerage, and/or selling concession relationships must maintain these relationships at arm’s length at all times during which they act on behalf of the MTA. Any exceptions must be disclosed in writing to the Regions Committee Chair and require explicit approval.

    Failure to comply with the guidelines above can result in the termination of an MTA Chapter Officer and may result in an MTA Ethics Committee review.


Part V: MTA Chapter Property and Confidentiality Guidelines

  • By applying to become an MTA Chapter Officer, you are seeking to leverage the brand name of the MTA in your community for the purpose of increasing the exchange of technical market analysis among financial market professionals and educate the public in your community. You are required to maintain the highest business ethical standards, and you agree to the following:

    1. MTA Chapter email distribution/marketing lists are solely the property of the MTA;

    2. Should an MTA Chapter Officer depart their position for any reason, that Officer will send the MTA a current email contact list within 30 days, and make a reasonable effort to support the transition and the continued presence of an MTA Chapter in the community;

    3. Under no circumstances will email or other confidential contact information be distributed to parties other than MTA personnel - inadvertent sharing of confidential member information should be promptly reported;

    4. MTA event participant email lists and other contact/personal information will not be used for purposes other than MTA activities. Professional or business contact lists must not be commingled or combined with MTA distribution lists or other MTA contact lists, whether in the form of email, telephone, or mailing address information.

    5. Email contact lists will be sent to at least once per year.



  • Thank you for volunteering. You have chosen to lead financial market professionals and the public in growing their understanding of technical market analysis. You have also affirmed your adherence to the highest ethical conduct while upholding the MTA’s mission.

    NOTE: Please remember to keep a copy for your own files.