Frank Cappelleri, CMT And Andrew Thrasher, CMT Featured On CNBC

In the wake of Monday's steep market decline, both Andrew Thrasher, CMT and Frank Cappelleri, CMT were featured on CNBC Tuesday as part of a roundup of several analysts positing that stocks had farther to fall before recovering. 

“Since the May low, the comeback has produced a number of bullish formations,” said Cappelleri. This current sell-off “has been so sharp, what’s going to have to happen is to watch the ensuing bounce and see how strong or not it is. ... It’s interesting because some of these moves are some of the largest we’ve seen all year.”

However, “I’m not seeing major signs of capitulation just yet," said Thrasher, adding that he didn't quite anticipate a sell-off as sharp as December 2018.

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