George Schade, CMT, Publishes Biography Of Richard W. Schabacker

George A. Schade Jr., CMT, recently released a biography of former Forbes editor and financial writer Richard W. Schabacker. Published by Outskirts Press, The New Era of The Booming 1920s And Its Aftermath: The Biography of Visionary Financial Writer Richard W. Schabacker thoroughly examines the stock market climate of a century ago, telling the story of Schabacker’s contributions to technical analysis and financial writing. 

“He articulated [that] … central technical postulates such as prices weigh all the factors that exert themselves to move security markets, and certain patterns, resulting when particular conditions prevail, that in the past forecasted definite trends should continue to forecast future trends,” said Schade in a statement. “He saw the logic of technical studies in the principle that stock prices move in trends that are more likely to continue than to reverse. Much of what he wrote about is part of today’s investment management practices.”

Schabacker, who served as Forbes’ financial editor for close to a decade, was the author of two groundbreaking books on technical analysis, as well as a course text and numerous columns which laid the foundation for chart analysis in the 20th century. 

Learn more about the book on Amazon: The New Era of The Booming 1920s And Its Aftermath.

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