Important Changes in the CMT Program

In an effort to provide continuous improvements to the overall CMT Program design and to provide enhanced value to all CMT candidates, the CMT Association Board of Directors have decided to restructure certain existing CMT materials to improve the overall delivery process of those materials and to make these changes available, without cost, to our CMT candidates. We believe these changes, indicated below by category, will improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of the below mentioned CMT materials, and also reduce the overall associated cost for the CMT candidates. Effective immediately, the CMT Association will no longer sell the "practice exams", quiz cards, or DVDs. These materials will either be made available free through the Knowledge Base (KB) or included within the existing cost of the CMT Program Administration fee. Below is a listing of the improvements being made to each set of existing CMT materials. The CMT Association is excited to launch all of the below changes in conjunction with the commencement of registration for the Fall 2011 CMT Exam Administration, which will be opened shortly (within the next two weeks). "Practice Exams": The CMT "practice exams" will no longer be available for sale through the CMT Association Shopping Cart. Upon entering the CMT Program, candidates will receive an electronic version of the CMT Level 1 sample questions, in CMT examination format, when they pay the CMT Program Administration fee. Sample questions, in examination format, for CMT Levels 2 and 3 will be distributed electronically as well, except they will be sent once the candidate registers for each level respectively. By moving to an electronic format this will drastically improve the speed of delivery for these sample questions, in examination format, while saving the CMT candidate money as the cost of these will now be included as part of the CMT Program Administration fee. The electronic format will also allow for immediate changes in the future to the base of sample questions which will allow us to remain current with the CMT Body of Knowledge (BOK) at all times. Quiz Cards: The CMT quiz cards will also move to an electronic version, however they will be made available free for all members through the Knowledge Base (KB). These quiz cards will be placed, by level, together in a separate section of the KB and ALSO included in the KB by relevant topics (i.e. Dow Theory, Elliot Wave, etc.) In this transition to an electronic format, we will lose none of the functionality of the "quiz cards" and, in fact, increase the overall efficiency of its use (references will be given on each quiz card to the related Body of Knowledge reading). In addition, this transfer to an electronic format also allows the CMT Association to actively update and refresh the quiz cards without causing a disruption in the middle of an administration. DVDs: These DVDs were originally sold in the shopping cart as a recommended aide to ones preparation for the CMT Exam. Over time, the CMT Exams have changed somewhat in its Body of Knowledge (BOK), and with the inclusion of newer material and enhanced technology capacity, we have made the decision to no longer sell these DVDs. They still, however, can be purchased directly from Trader's Library, if you are interested. Through the Educational Web Series, most of these topics originally covered in the DVDs, have been redone/enhanced and are also available in the Video Archives section of the CMT Association website. The CMT Association believes that these changes will allow us to provide our CMT candidates with better and more up to date preparation material that is distributed in a more economical and efficient manner. Regards, Tom Silveri Executive Director Market Technicians Association