Important Notice Regarding the Closing of the CMT Institute (CMTi)

The CMT Association has recently decided to discontinue the CMT Institute (CMTi) to focus the organization's efforts on the continued improvement of the CMT designation, preparation materials (sample questions, CMT Newsletter, etc.), and the overall examination process. The CMT Institute will be discontinued effective immediately. As a result of this decision, the CMTi educational materials (recordings of the classes) will be added to the CMT Association Knowledge Base for the use of CMT candidates and CMT Association members. The CMT Association would like to thank CMTi instructors Keith Applegate, MacNeil Curry, and Carson Dahlberg for their commitment and service to those CMTi candidates who enrolled in the course this past administration. We would also like to express our gratitude to those that have participated as instructors, and helped to develop the CMTi, in previous administrations.