Institutional Investor Article Features CMT Association And Several Analysts

The Institutional Investor on Monday ran a feature-length article about the rising popularity of technical analysis within mainstream investor circles, featuring CMT Association CEO Alvin Kressler as well as several other technical analysts who hold a variety of positions in the finance industry. 

"On the buy side more and more people are integrating technical analysis into their processes [...] We are seeing more people gravitate to us," Kressler is quoted as saying. 

Prominent member Ralph Acampora also appears, touting the technical analysis course he teaches at the University of St. Thomas. 

"Getting technical analysis more widely accepted into the school curriculum could, Acampora says, establish a beachhead — and move it into what he and other chartists see as its rightful place alongside the tenets of modern portfolio theory, such as the capital asset pricing model, portfolio optimization, and the efficient-market hypothesis," said reporter Richard Teitelbaum. 

Read the full article here: The Revenge of the Chart Watchers.