Head of Proprietary Trading, Ocean Transportation

Company Name: Cargill

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Contact Email: N/A

Job Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 7/27/2017

Job description
Position Purpose
The successful candidate will be expected to lead and manage a Global Proprietary Trading team including:
  • Run a proprietary trading book trading either Wet freight derivatives or Dry Freight Derivatives
  • They will be free to trade all cleared derivatives in the space
  • They will also be responsible for managing the other trading books on the desk which will include: a cross commodity options book (freight and freight related commodities), bunkers, and whether wet or dry FFAs (depending on their own book)
  • The P&L target for the desk will be in the region of $20 mio per annum
  • They will be expected to drive the non-fundamental analysis across the books and feed this into the physical trading game plans
  • They will work with the trading desks to understand the physical S&Ds but will not be expected to drive their development.
  • The position is integral to the OT strategy and will focus on being a “Player Coach” in that the position will focus on trading and leading the team.
Principal Accountabilities 65% Trading & Risk Management
  • Peer group leadership (working with the other desk heads)
  • Product line P&L
  • Profit growth P&L (derivatives, options, FFA’s)
  • Trading Analytics
  • Product line trading talent – manage performance, development and successions
  • Taking directional positions in freight derivatives (either Wet or Dry). This will focus on both short, medium and longer term views of the market
  • Trading non fundamental strategies
  • Trading spreads (time and size)
  • Discussing views with physical desks
  • Manage within limits (stress) across the different books
Risk Tolerance
  • Provides oversight on highest trading positions (e.g. micro-oriented, large vessels), including the short-long term trading books.
  • Determine best risk allocation within the desk between different books
  • Collaborates with BU Leader in determining appropriate risk limits and book sizes for each commodity/market.
  • Partners with the Trading Managers to manage and oversee the execution of the short-long term trading books.
  • Futures and options, hedges, basis trading, OTC swaps/derivatives
  • Identifies and manages the latest industry developments, including legal and regulatory changes and issues.
20% People Management
  • Manage the trading and traders for the other books on the desk – including:
  • Execution traders
  • Agreeing trading game plans
  • P&L reconciliation
  • Setting KRAs
    • Be the backup trader for the other trading books on the desks and on execution for the physical desks
    15% Strategy Development & Compliance
    • Applies an expert understanding of Trading practices and procedures to oversee the execution of short-long term trading strategies and books for multiple commodities/markets/customers based on speculative and hedged positions.
    • Oversees, reviews and approves short-long term trading strategies across multiple BU’s and/or Platforms.
    • Takes the lead role in managing and coordinating the overall BU/Platform’s trading book.
    • Drive non fundamental analysis in the relevant markets (e.g technical, correlations, spread relationships)
    • Driving trading performance across the BU
    • Share best practices from other BU’s and externally
    • Develops approaches for directing and monitoring the compliance procedures ensuring the team is aware of roles and responsibilities
    • Directs and oversees implementation of analytics and risk management tools/teams needed to provide insight and enable trading strategies to be executed with a high degree of confidence
    • Oversees the ongoing relationship between trading teams and risk management and analytics teams\
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