Portfolio Analyst

Company Name: Welltower, Inc.

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Contact Email: N/A

Job Location: Jupiter, FL

Date: 10/4/2017

Job description

This position plays a central role in developing reports, analyzing trends in capital spending and assisting with the data collection and evaluation of programs within the Engineering and Project Management department.


  1. Work closely with the asset and portfolio management teams to develop reporting metrics and structure for evaluating capital spending and determining trends across the national platform.

  2. Identify opportunities to bulk bid large capital projects in order to leverage cost savings. This includes working closely with the Vice President, Engineering & Project Management and the Director, Capital Planning & Project Management to ensure ROI analyses are completed consistently across the national platform.

  3. Provide additional coordination and analytical support of portfolio wide-activities including, but not limited to, assessing alternative facility and/or project management tools that meet the operational requirements of a growing national MOB platform.

  4. Provide a wide range of support to Project Manager on tenant improvement projects and procedures. Current projects are tracked accurately to ensure precise reporting.

  5. Support the Senior Sustainability Manager with gathering, inputting and analyzing property-specific usage data to track trends and identify measures to reduce usage.

  6. Provide ongoing assessment of Outpatient Medical’s preventive maintenance (PM) programs, practices, and processes. Work closely with the Manager, Capital Planning & Engineering, Portfolio Engineers and Director, Maintenance & Safety to ensure MEP equipment meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s end of life recommendations.

  7. Develop and maintain ongoing benchmarking on PM programs to ensure best-in-class practices for real estate operations.

  8. Conduct ongoing root cause analysis that drives recommendations and countermeasures to address any areas of improvement in the PM program.


The Engineering & Project Management Analyst reports to the Vice President, E/PM. This position is very cross-functional and will interact on an ongoing basis with Portfolio Engineers, Project Managers, Senior Portfolio Managers, Senior Operations Managers, Asset Managers, Managers of Financial Planning & Analysis, Real Estate Managers, Property Administrators, Fixed Asset Accountants, Managers of Capital Planning & Engineering, the Director of Capital Planning & Project Management, the Director of Maintenance & Safety, the Senior Sustainability Manager and members of the CFLT. (Cross Functional Lead Team)

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