Join the CMT Association at the Annual Gala Awards Dinner

The CMT Association will continue our tradition of celebrating industry excellence at our Annual Gala Awards Dinner: Peak Performance. This industry event will be hosted in conjunction with the Symposium on Thursday evening immediately following the conference. This year we have created a theme that captures the discipline and character of individuals who perform at the highest level in their field - whether that be athletics, the arts, or the financial industry in the case of our honorees. The CMT Association invites you to celebrate the rich history of technical analysis and induct the 2015 award winner and fellow honorees. There will be no better environment for professional networking and relationship building with the key stakeholders of the technical community. We are honored to announce the 2015 Annual Award recipients:

Annual Award: Walter Deemer The CMT Association honors Walter Deemer in recognition of his rich history as a founding member of the CMT Association and his missionary spirit to bring technical analysis to the broader asset management community.

Memorial Award: Frederic Dickson, CMT The CMT Association honors Frederic Dickson an esteemed leader in the institutional financial community. Fred's stewardship of the CMT Program paved the way to the series 86 exemption by FINRA. Fred's legacy will persist through his pivotal contributions to professional education and the advancement of technical analysis.

Service Award: Brad Herndon, CFA, CMT The CMT Association honors Brad Herndon for his vigor and devotion as a principle force behind the development and administration of the CMT Program.

Recognition Award: Stanley Dash, CMT The CMT Association honors Stanley Dash, Vice President of applied technical analysis at Trade Station, in recognition of his all-encompassing generosity to the academic community, including providing instructional time and charting resources for academic trading rooms.

Charles H. Dow Award: Amber Hestla-Barnhart The CMT Association grants the 2015 Charles H. Dow award in recognition of the research and applications presented in "Fixing the VIX: An Indicator to Beat Fear."