Larry Williams Honored with the 2014 Annual Award at the CMT Association’s 2nd Annual Gala Awards Dinner

The CMT Association Annual Award winners are nominated for their life-long outstanding contribution to the development and widespread acceptance of technical analysis by institutional practitioners and individual investors.

At the 2nd Annual Gala Awards Dinner on April 3rd, 2014, the CMT Association recognized Larry Williams as the recipient for the 2014 Annual Award.

"In recognition of your decades of service to champion technical analysis within the trading and investment communities through speaking engagements, writing and innovation in technical indicator and statistical research."

Also recognized in 2014 were:

Robert L. Pisani - Recognition Award “In recognition for your steadfast efforts to integrate technical analysis into financial decision making, journalism and reporting.”

Jeffery E. Lay, CMT, CTA, MBA – Service Award “In recognition of your leadership with the CMT Association and the CMT accreditation program and your diligent efforts to organize symposiums promoting creative research and industry camaraderie within the technical analysis community.”

Joseph E. Granville – Memorial Award “The CMT Association honors Joseph E. Granville for his pioneering work with market volume statistics and research and his larger than life personality and legacy.”