Lee Bohl, CMT, Featured In Charles Schwab’s Community Magazine

Lee Bohl, CMT, was featured in the Fall 2019 issue of On Investing, the quarterly community publication for Charles Schwab clients, with an article he authored on a classic technical analysis topic: how to identify head-and-shoulders patterns, like the kind in the illustration above.

“In my experience, those new to technical analysis tend to see head-and-shoulders patterns everywhere. That’s why taking the time to confirm signals, such as volume and the time frame of the preceding trends, is usually worth it. After a while, it will get easier to separate the heads and shoulders from the head fakes,” said Bohl, instructing readers to look for several basic pattern components before declaring a definite head-and-shoulders formation and setting stops.

“[Use] some of the same risk-management tools that are part of your regular trading plan,” he urged in the article.

Read the full article on Charles Schwab’s On Investing website: Identifying Head-And-Shoulders Patterns in Stock Charts.