Looking at Markets from Different Angles – Rikard Nilsson

In this podcast episode we’re going to be talking about strategy design and different ways to look at the markets, and joining us as our special guests is Rikard Nilsson from Autostock.

Rikard trades all different styles and markets, and has even built his own trading platform with some interesting features he’s going to share with us.

Plus he’s going to share some interesting ideas on how he looks at the markets, some of which you may not have heard of before, including:

  • The ‘Predictive Average’ indicator – how it can be used to indicate potential market behaviors over the following days/weeks and months,

  • Validating strategies across different instruments,

  • Excluding certain parts of the day based on data,

  • Adaptive ‘Backtrack Technology’ and how to filter trading signals and position sizing dynamically based on past market behaviors.