Louise Yamada, CMT, Featured On TheStreet’s Alpha Rising Series

Technical Analysis legend Louise Yamada was featured on TheStreet's Alpha Rising Series late last month when she was interviewed by financial journalist Tracy Byrnes. 

"I ... met one of my idols," wrote Byrnes, who said that Yamada's work had inspired her for decades. "So finally meeting her, all these years later, was a gift. And not just because I got to listen - in person -- to her astute market predictions. But because I realized that she too was a young single mother when she embarked on her career. (I was a single mom with three little ones when I started my journalistic journey.)"

"That just makes me appreciate her momentous climb even more."

The Alpha Rising interviews on are a series of talks featuring women on Wall Street sharing their stories. Watch Louise Yamada's full interview here: Louise Yamada On the Current Market Environment and Her Climb to the Top.