Members In The Media Roundup

Over the past few weeks, CMT charterholders around the world have continued to advise clients and the general public about technical market attributes, likening recent events to past market routs and rebounds while serving as trusted sources of financial planning information. We’re proud to collect a handful of those who were featured in major news outlets below. If you are a member or CMT charterholder who is quoted in a major news outlet, feel free to tag @CMTAssociation in any social media post featuring a link to the work you are quoted in, or send an email to

Jurien Timmer – CNBC Analyst Calls for Government to End Dow Jones Slide

Ari Wald – Small caps at four-year lows, and trader warns of ‘more pain’

Keith Lerner – Markets Make Some Investors Think Recession, Perhaps Depression

Stephen Suttmeier – This was the fastest 30% stock market decline ever

Gina Martin Adams – Doug Ramsey’s Best Case for Stocks and Other Views of the Future

Katie Stockton – When Will the S&P 500 Bottom? Stock Market Experts Say It Could Hit This Number Before Stabilizing.

Rich Ross – Late S&P 500 Rout Sinks Stocks Below Christmas 2018 Support Line