Phil Erlanger, CMT, Featured On Forbes Discussing Strength Of Ag Sector

Philip Erlanger, CMT, managing partner at Pontifex Agtech, was featured in a Forbes article on Monday highlighting evidence that the agricultural sector is particularly well-positioned to withstand market volatility.

"Private-equity generalist investors are increasingly attracted to agtech, but Erlanger believes that only those who are deeply engaged in the industry will be successful. Ultimately, he said, 'the successful investors will be the ones who understand market idiosyncrasies and who have expertise in agriculture and food,'" reporter Donald Marvin quotes Erlanger as saying.

"In contrast to other sectors, including renewable energy and clean tech as well as ag, we feel food and agriculture really stands out because of its compelling long-term fundamentals, driven by population growth and dietary trends, along with increased general focus on resource constraints and sustainability," Eranger said.

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