Becoming a Member

Key Benefits


Learning Resource

Access to CMT webinars, videos, and discussion forums.


Career Development

Discover new positions expertly curated for our members.

Knowledge Base

Access research by member and industry professionals.

Professional Networking

Access to CMT webinars, videos, and discussion forums.

Publishing With CMT

Digital content emailed to you customized by you.


Global Events

Stay up-to-date on current advances in Technical Analysis at events worldwide

Become an Affiliate

Every great captain begins as a deck hand – or in this case an Affiliate Member. Even for those experienced in charting the markets, CMT offers the tools to successfully navigate the gap and the title to make your career set sail.

Types of Memberships

affiliate-membership-iconAffiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is available to anyone interested in technical analysis and for candidates enrolling in the CMT program.There are no work experience or educational requirements to become an Affiliate member.

Annual dues: $325

affiliate-membership-iconStudent Membership

Student Membership is reserved for individuals registered as a full-time college/university student at an AACSB accredited university. Students whose college/university is part of the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program are eligible for scholarships covering a significant portion of CMT Exam registration fees. To apply for student membership, please send an email to reflecting your status as a full-time student at an AACSB accredited university.

Annual dues: $100


Emeritus status is reserved for any person who has been a Professional Member for at least five (5) years, aged 60 + and is no longer engaged in an active professional practice on a salary or fee basis. Emeritus members have the same voting rights and ability to serve in volunteer leadership positions as Professional Members.

Annual dues: $175

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is reserved for individuals who practice technical analysis professionally. You must be a Member in order to apply for and use the CMT designation. To qualify for Member status you must have a minimum of five (5) years of Approved Professional Work Experience. For applicants who have successfully completed the CMT Program, the five (5) year requirement will be reduced to three (3) years. Approved professional work experience is defined as someone who:

  • Administers, or adds value to, theoretical or practical application of technical analysis as part of the investment decision making process
  • Supervises, oversees, or manages individuals or teams who practice such activities
  • Teaches, trains, or coaches such activities
  • Publicizes such activities as a member of the media

In addition to the three (3) to five (5) years of professional experience, applicants must have three sponsors who have Member Status with the CMT Association and successfully completed all three levels of the CMT exams.

Work must be fulltime. Managing your own or your family and/or friends investments, (without compensation) does not constitute Approved Professional Work Experience.

*Sponsors must have Member status with the CMT Association and no more than one sponsor may be affiliated with your current firm.

Annual dues: $325


Work Experience

Five years professional work experience; waived to three upon successful completion of the CMT Program.


Application & Questionnaires

Sponsors complete questionnaires. Applicants completes the professional member application.


Admissions Committee

Completed applications sent to the Admissions Committee for review.


Board Approval

Completed applications are sent to the Board for final review. The entire review process can take 6-8 weeks upon receiving a completed application.