MoneyControl Interviews Vishal Mehta, CMT

MoneyControl magazine featured an interview with Vishal Mehta, CMT, on Monday, detailing the difficulties and successes in his journey from discretionary trading to systems trading. Vishal (pictured above) co-chairs the Mumbai Chapter of the CMT Association, which he describes in the interview as one of his benchmark achievements. 

"Passionate about technical analysis and trading, he can be seen networking at the Investor Carnival in Goa, with other traders," wrote Shishir Asthana, who interviewed him for the piece. "[Vishal's] story exemplifies the fact that it is not only the knowledge of technical analysis that is important to be a good trader but the mental discipline to take blows and stand up to fight again in the market."

You can read the full interview on How Vishal Mehta undertook a journey from discretionary to system trading for consistent gains.