CMT Association Announces Formulation of CMT Board of Governors (BoG)

Recently, the CMT Association held its first ever CMT Focus Group meeting. This group was specifically formed to review the current state of the CMT Program and to create the future vision of the program in response to the increasing global demand for the CMT designation. The focus group included CMT Association Board Members, staff, and key participants from past CMT activities (program design, question formulation and grading).

From this meeting came many important decisions regarding the CMT Program. One decision, which was approved at the July 12, 2011 CMT Association Board meeting, is the creation of the CMT Board of Governors (BoG). The CMT BoG, chaired by me (Brad Herndon), will report directly to the CMT Association Board and will be responsible for the execution of the vision and strategic initiatives of the CMT Program, including curriculum, study materials, exams, candidate support, etc. Previously, this work was done effectively by the CMT Association Accreditation Committee, CMT Test Development Committee (TDC), and CMT Advisory Board, who all worked on various components of the CMT Program. The formation of the CMT BoG now provides a singularly focused body that includes members who have significant experience in exam writing, exam grading, and curriculum formation. The CMT BoG is comprised of Chairperson, Brad Herndon, CFA, CMT, and members Larry Berman, CTA, CFA, CMT, Julia Bussie, CMT Jeffery Lay, CMT, Ken Tower, CMT, and Stephen Suttmeier, CFA, CMT. While the CMT Advisory Committee, Accreditation Committee, and CMT Test Development Committee will cease to exist, the members of the Test Development Committee will continue their work on the CMT exams as Subject Matter Experts to better reflect their dedicated contribution to the CMT program.  We are extremely grateful for the past work of the members of the CMT Advisory Committee and the CMT Test Development Committee. One of the most important strategic initiatives of the CMT Board of Governors is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the CMT Program in regards to the development and delivery of curriculum and preparation materials, and the administration of the exams.  Although significant progress has been made in this area over the past two years, the creation of the CMT BoG reflects the acknowledgement that considerable work remains to be done. Consequently, we have just commenced the hiring process of an additional CMT Association Staff member who will be responsible for the CMT curriculum formation/management, study materials and exams. The job description for this position will be posted both internally and externally shortly. Of the many initiatives that this individual will be responsible for, one of the first will be to improve the CMT preparation materials to include Learning Outcome Statements to guide candidates during the preparation process. As we look to the future, consideration will be given to the creation of customized preparation materials and the potential digital delivery of this information to our candidates. These decisions clearly confirm the commitment of the CMT Association Board of Directors to elevate the learning experience of CMT candidates. We look forward to communicating with you about the changes and improvements that we make to the CMT Program in the future. Brad Herndon, CFA, CMT Chairperson, CMT Board of Governors