CMT Association Board Establishes the Advocacy Committee

Responding to demand from many technicians and CMT Association members, the Board of Directors and staff have formed a committee to evaluate actionable ways to increase understanding, awareness and opportunity in the financial marketplace for technical analysis and its practitioners. The Advocacy Committee is seeking ways to address the following:

1) Limitations of use of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation by some employers;
2) The popular press' common misunderstandings about Technical Analysis (TA); and
3) Communicating the value of TA to potential employers.

The Advocacy Committee is chaired by Sam Levine, CMT, CFA, and its volunteer members include Jeffrey Hansen, Brad Herndon, CFA, CMT, Jeffery Lay, CMT, Gordon Scott, CMT and Sarah Westwood, CFA, CMT. They are seeking informed and committed participants to be part of this important discussion. If interested, please send Sam Levine a message using MyCMT Association.