CMT Association Nominating Committee – Recommended Slate Announced

At its April 10th, 2012, Board meeting, the Nominating Committee shared with the Board its recommended slate of Officers (4) and At-large Board positions (3) for upcoming terms commencing July 1st, 2012. The recommended slate of Officers and At-large Directors were as follows: Officers (2 year term)
  • President: David Keller, CMT
  • Vice President: Katherine Stockton, CMT
  • Treasurer: J. Timothy Snavely, CFA, CMT
  • Secretary: Carson Dahlberg, CMT
At-Large Directors (3 year term)
  • Ross Leinweber, CMT
  • Sam Levine, CMT, CFA
  • Patrick Oberhaensli, CMT, CFA, CAIA, FRM
The proxy for the membership to vote on the recommended slate will be distributed by the CMT Association Secretary shortly. The CMT Association would like to thank Philip Erlanger, CMT, and Craig Fullen, CMT for their many years of Board service.