CMT Association Wraps Up a Successful Inaugural Year for the Continuing Education Program

The CMT Association Continuing Education (CE) Program has come to a close for the 2011 calendar year and we are pleased to announce that the inaugural year of the CE Program was a great success! Over half of our active membership participated in some capacity, with 35% being from Non-US markets. Of those who participated, more than 30% satisfied the voluntary 15 credit level! The CMT Association would like to give a special 'thank you' to those who took part in this year's CE Program. Members who were able to satisfy the 15 credit level will be receiving their 'Certificate of Completion' over the course of the next several weeks, if they have not received one already. Over this inaugural year, we refined our CE credit accumulation process to make it more seamless to the participant and continuously added to the programs/events/lectures subject to CMT Association CE credit. We will continue our efforts in 2012 to give you better local times to attend these Continuing Education Programs and provide a broader array of CE credit opportunities. As of January 2nd, 2012, all CE credits were reset back to zero to begin the voluntary CE Program for the 2012 calendar year. Please be aware that your previously earned credits will not be lost. You will still be able to access them at any time by clicking the "My CE Credits" link under the "My Account" tab in MyCMT Association.