MyCMT Association Profile Enhancements – Link to Your Social Media Profiles

After numerous requests from you, the membership, the CMT Association has implemented a new feature into your MyCMT Association member profile that allows you to link to and share your social media profiles from other social networks! Whether your have your own personal blog, a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or a Twitter account, you now have the ability to share them with your CMT Association peers. To begin adding your social network profiles:
  • Login in to CMT and click the MyCMT Association icon
  • Select the My Profile button in the navigation bar, once logged in to MyCMT Association
  • Select the social network you'd like to link to and add your information
Please note: While all social network names may appear when you are viewing your own profile, only those with a green check mark next to them will appear to the rest of the membership. If you do not wish to link to any other social network, you are not obligated to. If you have any questions regarding your MyCMT Association member profile, please contact Shane Skwarek.