Now Accepting Submissions for the 2016 Charles H. Dow Award

The Charles H. Dow Award highlights outstanding research in technical analysis. The Award embodies excellence and creativity in the field of technical analysis. Winning papers have created successful trading systems, insights into theories of how markets function and have represented the richness and depth of technical analysis. Of the 22 authors/co-authors winners, eight have gone on to publish books based on their submissions to the Charles H. Dow Award. Winners have presented at multiple CMT Association events and were mentioned in various media outlets including: Barron's, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN Money, Investing Daily, Minyanville, The Street, Thomson Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal. The competition is open to all practitioners and academics. The submission will be judged based on its ability to enhance the understanding of market action, the concepts of technical analysis, and thorough research. For the 2016 cycle we are accepting previously published non-commercial work. For additional information on the Standards of Judgment view the Guidelines for Submissions. The winning submission is distributed to our vast membership spanning 85 countries and approximately 4500 members. The Award carries a prize of $5,000 and is presented at the CMT Association Gala Awards Dinner held in New York City in April. For more information on the Charles H. Dow Award, please contact Timothy W. Hayes, CMT at

Final Submission Deadline: December 1, 2015

*Outline Submission Deadline: October 15, 2015

*Submitting an outline is optional. The outline process will help clarify and organize the candidate's thoughts while providing the foundation for longer research.  The candidate will receive commentary on the topic, its suitability, and the approach the candidate is taking.