Now Available: The Journal of Technical Analysis Issue 68

We are pleased to announce that the 68th Issue of the Journal of Technical Analysis (JOTA) is now available. This issue features an exceptional collection of technical research from industry practitioners and academics alike. These articles provide insights into the practical application as well as the history of technical analysis and cover topics from trading leveraged ETFs to analyzing Keynes’s writings on investor behavior. The JOTA seeks to advance the knowledge and understanding of technical analysis through the publication of well-crafted, high-quality research. We would like to thank the Authors for their contribution to this issue and the entire Editorial Board who make this publication possible. The CMT Association looks forward to expanding the field of technical analysis and sharing the body of knowledge with our global community. As members of the Market Technicians Association, we encourage you to share this publication with your colleagues and submit your future research to the JOTA. If you are interested in submitting an article, have general questions, or would like to join the editorial board, please contact our Journal Committee Chair, Julie Dahlquist, Ph.D., CMT at The view the JOTA, Issue 68, electronically please click here. JoTA.jpg

JoTA Issue 68 Table of Contents:

Page 3 Letter from the Editor by Julie Dahlquist, Ph.D., CMT

Page 7 An Intermarket Approach to Beta Rotation by Charles V Bilello, CMT and Michael A. Gayed, CFA

Page 15 The Repeating Story of On Balance Volume by George A. Schade, CMT

Page 23 The Identification and Utilization of Balanced Ladder Levels in the Technical Analysis of Stock and Market Index Time Series by Carl Aspin

Page 35 A Comparison of Support and Resistance Levels Defined though Balanced Ladder Values and by Golden Ratios by Carl Aspin

Page 41 Keynes and the Psychology of the Market by Stella Osoba, CMT

Page 51 Looking to Our Own Planet for Market Insights by Tom McClellan

Page 61 Parameter-Results Stability: A New Test of Trading Strategy Effectiveness by Larry Connors and Matt Radtke

Page 69 Harnessing Volatility for Profit Through Leverage by G.L. “Biff” Robillard, CMT and Thomas C. Pears