October 2013 CMT Registration Now Open!

Registration for the CMT exams is now open to all registrants. The Level I & II exams will be offered worldwide October 17-19, 2013. The Level III exam will be offered on October 18, 2013 only. Whether you are progressing to the next Level or need to retake your last exam, your pursuit of the CMT designation is a powerful investment in your future.
  • We encourage you to schedule  your next exam as soon as possible. Early registration will ensure your preferred time and location.
  • Please note that registration will close on September 17th at 2:00 pm ET for all three levels.
  • Level III grading is currently underway. Results for all Level III candidates will be available on or before June 28, 2013.
The May administration of the CMT exams was a great success. We had over 800 candidates register for exams. Prometric, our test administration partner is working with us to open up three testing days around the globe to accommodate the extraordinary participation in Level I & II from our fastest growing markets. The CMT Association is committed to helping our candidates succeed:
  • The Level I practice exam has been completely revised and is available here.
  • The Level II practice exam is currently being revised. The current version is available here and will be updated shortly.
  • There are two practice exams available for Level III and another will be added shortly.
    • Exam book  1 can be viewed here
    • Exam book 2 can be viewed here
Technical Analysis is growing in application and repute because of your diligence and professional integrity. Thank you for your engagement with the CMT Association. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. The CMT Support Staff