October 2013 Edition of Technically Speaking Now Available!

The October 2013 Edition of the Technically Speaking e-Newsletter is now available online!  To read it, visit the Technically Speaking archives.

Letter from the Editor

Like every other field of study, technical analysis has a history that is important to study. The history of technical analysis includes research related to charts and indicators. This history also includes the stories of the people who advanced the field.  This month we look at one of those individuals in detail. Joe Granville rose to fame as a technical analyst in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In the future, it might not be possible for any other analyst to achieve his level of popularity. Markets are larger now and the time when one individual’s forecasts can move markets has likely passed. But Joe lived when that was possible and he did move the market on several occasions. In addition to the past, articles in this issue of Technically Speaking also cover the present state of technical analysis with several pieces of applied analysis. You can always email us at to share your perspectives on the past, present and future of technical analysis.

- Michael Carr, CMT

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