Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers

The CMT Exams are designed solely on the most current edition of the Official Curriculum. Courses and education either independent or as a Participating Prep Provider should not be used as a substitute for the official CMT Curriculum and should not be treated as standalone exam preparation devices.

The test preparation courses and materials featured on this page are not endorsed by the CMT Association or reviewed by the Curriculum and Test Committee.

Participating Prep Providers have committed to minimum standards of quality and service that we believe will assist CMT Candidates in successful completion of the CMT Program. Please note that this is a voluntary program and CMT Association doesn’t endorse any company as an “Official” or “Authorized” provider of CMT test prep courses.

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Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

Wiley’s supplemental Silver Course includes practice questions, full solutions and explanations, performance metrics and more to help you succeed in the CMT Program.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

Optuma’s courses provide over 500 additional pages of instructional material for each level, along with multiple videos, workbooks, “cheat sheets,” glossaries and much more.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

YUBHA is the 1st dedicated brand catering to CMT candidates, by maintaining CMT Prep-Courses as their primary offerings. YUBHA offers Live classes conducted by the CMT charter holders with 15+ years of experience, recordings of the sessions, doubts & queries resolution on priority, chapter-wise revision notes, mock test papers & live practice exam that simulates the CMT’s Prometric Test center experience. Previously known as Quidditch Finance. Sovit Manjani, CMT, current CEO of Yubha is the only trainer to have live coached 130+ Candidates and set a record of taking 30+ live batches in the past 8 years for all three levels of CMT.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

Market ThinkTank high-Yield supplementary notes will help candidates to stay on track throughout the exam preparation & master the core area of exam topics. The exam is purely based on the curriculum. Our study strategy helps candidates to smartly covers key topic area and understand each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) from all chapters and get a hands-on grip on the topic area in order to perform better on exam day.
We ensure that our students should know all key concepts before the exam, so their confidence on the exam day will be higher.

International studies of business and finance

From its inception, ISBF has been working to promote the belief that it is not just education & skill but “Quality education & Applicable skill” is what we need to cater to materialize our vision.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

MarketFeds’ hybrid courses for all three CMT levels are designed with an approach towards convenience, personal focus and minimal distractions. Live classes are conducted every week.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

IBIM Myanmar offers CMT Level 1, 2, and 3 exam prep training courses to complement the CMT’s official curricula. Both scheduled training classes and bespoke classes are provided to suit the needs of CMT Program candidates.


The Korea Securities Human Resources Development Institute develops and provides educational contents for the CMT certification program and introduces an accredited academic institution that cooperates with the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program. Korea Securities Human Resources Development Institute provides preparation courses for Level I, II, and III exams in the CMT program.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

The Delphi Star Training Center is a training institute in Dubai that is a premium corporate training provider established with the motto to provide unique, innovative, and effective training opportunities for people aspiring to enhance their skills, not only to meet manpower requirements but also to cope with market trends.

Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers - 2023

K J Somaiya Institute of Management is the First Academic Partner of CMT Association which is also a Prep-Provider Education Institute in India and provides Preparatory Sessions for the CMT Exams. The program will cover topics required for CMT Level 1 certification with a total learning time of 60 hours, ensuring the candidate is well prepared for the certificate. All learning will be conducted via online mode.