Participating CMT Program Test Prep Providers

The test preparation courses and materials featured on this page are not endorsed by the CMT Association or reviewed by the Curriculum and Test Committee. Aside from the official CMT Curriculum available through Wiley, products available through any retailers, including test preparation courses and sample exams, are not endorsed by the CMT Association and should not be treated as standalone exam preparation devices.

External CMT Program preparation material is not a substitute for directly studying the official current edition of the CMT Curriculum.

These approved exam prep providers have committed to minimum standards of quality and service that we believe will assist CMT Candidates in successful completion of the CMT Program.

Do you provide test preparation services? More information is forthcoming about how your business can be featured on this page. 

Wiley’s supplemental Silver Course includes practice questions, full solutions and explanations, performance metrics and more to help you succeed in the CMT Program.

Optuma’s courses provide over 500 additional pages of instructional material for each level, along with multiple videos, workbooks, “cheat sheets,” glossaries and much more.