Fill The Gap Episode Nineteen, with Katie Stockton, CMT

  Listen above, or subscribe on your favorite podcast service and never miss an update! Summary Renowned technical analyst Katie Stockton, CMT is Founder and Managing Partner of Fairlead Strategies, LLC, an independent research firm. Additionally this year, she became lead portfolio manager of the Fairlead Tactical Sector ETF – $TACK. Her conservative and unbiased approach to markets has helped clients navigate volatility for 25 years and she has now translated that discipline into an investable strategy. This month’s interview was really a masterclass in how to responsibly analyze markets – top down, multi-timeframes, quantifiable measures, bottom-up corroboration on sectors and individual securities all in a repeatable process. Dynamite takeaways for our listeners in every role of the investment industry. This month’s conversation takes listeners on a journey across three sets of market indicators: trend following, mean reverting and market internals. With each measure there is exact science in the … Continue reading Fill The Gap Episode Nineteen, with Katie Stockton, CMT