Fill The Gap Episode Twenty, with David Keller, CMT

  Listen above, or subscribe on your favorite podcast service and never miss an update! Summary Most market participants have learned that the markets are driven by Fear and Greed. This month’s guest challenges that assumption with the idea that financial markets are ruled strictly by fear alone… Fear of loss, fear of missing out, fear of being wrong. Knowing that humans are not purely rational has helped academic research in the field of Behavioral Finance adapt theories to what technical analysis has proven to work in practice. This month’s esteemed guest has an encyclopedic knowledge of the tools as detailed in the compilation he edited in 2007 for Bloomberg Press: Breakthrough’s in Technical Analysis: New Thinking from the World’s Top Minds, as well as a deep understanding of applied behavioral finance. Through his blog The Mindful Investor, Dave explores disciplined routine decision making under conditions of uncertainty. As host … Continue reading Fill The Gap Episode Twenty, with David Keller, CMT