New episode coming January 8th!

Tune in on January 8th to hear the first episode of Fill the Gap, featuring Robert J. Farrell.

Robert J. Farrell is now 88 years old and has been actively analyzing markets for 60 years. Though he left Wall St. and retired to Florida, to this day, he tracks daily market data by hand for his personal research. It will be most fitting to have Bob Farrell as the first guest on Fill the Gap, as he was a founding member and the first President of our beloved Association. The founding principles on which the organization was established ring true today as the challenges of investing and the challenges of institutions that preside over investing have not changed, much. Bob’s humility and quiet demeanor have largely kept him out of the limelight, but this interview will have important takeaways for everyone in the industry. For members of the CMT Association, this conversation is a wonderful education and a reminder to us all that we are simply standing on the shoulders of giants.

Bob is not a traditional technical analyst in the sense that he does not mechanically follow indicators or look for specific chart patterns to predict tops or bottoms. Rather, he seeks to understand the fundamental drivers of what he observes taking place on the chart. Bob never refers to “technical” analysis. For example, he was head of the Market Analysis Department at Merrill Lynch until 1993 before shifting to a role as Senior Investment Advisor where he worked on thematic strategies for the firm. He saw his job as examining the History, Psychology and the Economics of market cycles and their return to the mean. Finally, Bob describes himself as “irreverent,” often taking a contrarian opinion to the consensus view. Throughout his career he found that when everyone agrees on something that is the only outcome that won’t happen.