Brian Brogan, CMT, MS, CEPA, WFFA

Brian Brogan, CMT, MS, CEPA, WFFA

Brian Brogan comes from the financial services industry and has been working in the investment arena for close to 20 years.  Before starting his career at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter he received his Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in addiction.  He worked for over seven years in the psychiatric field as a therapist and hospital administrator.

Throughout Brian’s career he has blended both the dynamics of psychological principals with technical and fundamental research.  This holistic approach served Brian well while working with many different groups of people. This combination lead him to concentrate on the innovative field of Behavioral Finance and apply theory into his practice working with families of wealth.

At the age of nineteen, Brian encouraged his mother to open the first United States franchise of the Canadian company, The Soapberry Shop, in Chestnut Hill. After his mother passed away, Brian was responsible for running the shop with his two brothers. It was his first exercise in the managing of a family business.  After successfully navigating that dynamic, it was only natural that he joined his father to manage, The Brogan Group, a firm that provides institutional investment research.

In 2007, Brian launched his investment advisory firm, which worked and consulted with many of the top tier investment firms and created investment portfolios for high net worth families and investment advisors. While working with families of wealth Brian discovered that, most families face challenges around the softer issues in  the family dynamic system.

With his undergraduate degree from The Catholic University of America, and his masters from Chestnut Hill College, Brian continues his academic experience at Saint Joseph’s University. Serving as Director of The Initiative for Family Business & Entrepreneurship for the past three years, Brian brings thought leadership, research, counseling services, and financial analysis to families looking to model their practices after the most successful family businesses. Regarded as an industry leader, Brian has spoken at national conferences and often shares his insights into the family business system at events and programs outside of the IFBE. Brian also currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Saint Joseph’s Erivan K, Haub School of Business.